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Auto Chip Glass Repair in Salinas

Chip Repair Services Salinas CA

Chip Repair Services Salinas CAIf you notice a small crack or chip in your windshield, you want to correct the problem quickly and correctly. These issues might seem small, but they can quickly turn into larger, more expensive problems if left untreated.

It’s easy to think that the small crack or chip in your windshield is harmless, but glass issues should be dealt with right away. Our customers are excited to find out that most glass repairs can be completed in under an hour. In many situations, our technician can even come to you, so your repair can be completed while you are completing your tasks at work or relaxing at home.

Insurance Information

Insurance InformationMany small repairs are covered under automobile insurance policies, and Alpha Distributors is happy to work with you to check your coverage. We believe that each customer deserves an individualized plan of service, so we’ll diagnose your vehicle’s issue and give you a clear estimate.

In most cases, window cracks can be repaired if they are no larger than six inches. This means that the damage should fit under a dollar bill. Damage that is on the edge of a windshield or in the driver’s line of site should be evaluated carefully to see if a repair or replacement is the best fit.

Service Information

Tri-County areaAlpha Distributors is here to make auto glass chip repair as quick and easy for you as possible. We serve the entire Tri-County area, and we can offer same-day repairs in many cases.

When you choose Alpha Distributors, you can be sure that your job will be completed correctly by an experienced professional. Whether your entire windshield needs to be replaced or you’re dealing with a small crack in one of your vehicle’s windows, you can trust Alpha Distributors in Salinas to repair your problem correctly so you and your passengers remain safe.